To the satisfaction of too many people, the government’s announcements have become a reality. On Wednesday, the 6th of March, by order of the Municipality, we, the people living in the old tendopoli of San Ferdinando, will be evicted from the place where we live, the place we have built in all these years, with much effort and money, simply because we had no other place to stay. We want to let everyone know that we will not accept to stay in other tents, being controlled day and night, nor will we accept to be transferred to camps (centri di accoglienza), which are not only controlled but also far away from where we work. And we do not want to end up on the streets if we don’t have documents. We want to live free and we want to live in houses, regardless of having a document or not. Our presence in this territory is not an emergency, rather it is crucial for this country’s economy, and has been for many years. If you were in our shoes, if you had to look for a job in a different place, would you accept to live in a tent or in a camp? In Rosarno there are already many houses, some even built with the European Union’s money specifically for the immigrants living and working in the plain of Gioia Tauro, which remain empty because the institutions don’t want to assign them.
ENOUGH! We are sick and tired of the lies and the false promises of associations and trade unions (CGIL and USB), who pretend to support our requests but then keep acting in their own interests. While in other places they attack the racism of this government, these are the same people who, right here, support the eviction and advocate camps as the solution. We know that the answer to our problems is to have documents, to be able to live a normal life: a house, a work contract, and freedom of movement. We have been fighting for these things for a long time.
NOW, THE TIME HAS COME TO SAY: ENOUGH! We will not be intimidated by those who threaten us and wish we be calm and silent, so that the police can evict us more easily. We will not accept compromises if they do not give us houses where we can live. We ask all our allies, all those who think of themselves as anti-racists and anti-fascists, all those fighting against repression and exploitation, all of you, do not keep quiet any longer, in the face of this brutal act of violence!

We invite all of you, to come here and join us in the next few days, and to help us spread our voice as far and wide as possible, to explain what is really happening here! The State wants to divide us, but we will remain united! Solidarity is the most powerful weapon in the world!

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